Bachelor of GEOSCIENCE

  • Degree : Sarjana Sains (Bachelor of Science)
  • Location : Depok Campus
  • Length of Study : 8 Semesters
  • Language : Bahasa Indonesia

Department of Geoscience

Our department offers two kinds of program about the Earth science, it is Geology and Geophysics.  The lecturers and students work together through the cutting-edge research to solve problems in Geosciences, especially related to natural resources, disaster, and environmental issues. Most of our activities involve detail observation mapping and data acquisition in the real practical or the laboratory. The Geoscience Department has a collaborative partnership with some industries and government affiliations which is aimed to update the knowledge and upgrade the student’s competency in Geosciences.


The bachelor of geology is designed to analyze the on going procces, the one that happen, or will occur in the future. Our undergraduate students will be able to explain the fundamental concept of geology and the geological object with its process in particular area. Beside that, they also have the skill to collect, process, model the data and integrate it with other geosciences data. Our research is also focusing in the past, now, and the future prediction for natural resources, natural disaster mitigation, and environmental problems.


This undergraduate program is aimed to analyze the problem related with natural resource, natural disaster, and environment using geophysical methods. They are trained to solve Geoscience problems analytically and numerically by collecting, processing, and modeling the geophysical data. Moreover, our students are able to incorporate geophysics data with other geosciences data and apply it for Earth’s issues.

Research Interest

Our lecturers and students involve in some cutting-edge research related with diverse magnitude of field, such as Geopark, volcanology, sedimentology, seismotectonic, from the big scale as tectonic plate to the small scale like microfossil.

Our previous research was about Merangin Geopark and how to enhance the geodiversity and propose Merangin as a UNESCO Global Geopark. We used various approaches, such as seismotectonic, sedimentology, GPR, and reconstruction of Tethys plate. We also conducted other research in the unstable soil region using engineering geology such as: determination of landslide slip surface, soil crack investigation by GPR method, and study about the role of ground water fluctuation that cause landslide. For there more, we are in the middle of investigation about the sedimentation of oil and gas reservoir which are covered by volcanic activity and interpreted by geophysics instrument, for example vibroseis, magnetic, gravity, resistivity measurement, and passive seismic.

Research Location

The great geodiversity of Indonesia will always be a part of challenges for worldwide geologists yet. It also can be an opportunity to be studied. Thus our research has been covered diverse scope of geological setting from Merangin Geopark in Jambi, Cianjur, Pagelaran, until some geological feature in West Java. The future studies will cover more detail study in Merangin Geopark, landslide, and channel-fill caused by turbidity current, and sedimentation related volcanic activity in West Java.

Laboratory Facilities

All of the studies  have not been done without contribution of our professional assistants and tools. Our laboratories have been equipped with high-end polarization microscope, high-specification of workstations, and numerous basic field-tools. We always enhance and supply our laboratory and field tools every year to promote the best lecture for our student.


Graduates from geology and geophysics will have opportunity to work in natural resources, energy exploration and exploitation, environment, natural disaster mitigation, the government and other geoscience institution.