Academic Quality Assurance Unit

According to Rector Decree No. 1421/SK/R/UI/2010 about the academic quality assurance system policy at the Universitas Indonesia, Academic Quality Assurance Unit was made by the Dean for a faculty level. This unit is functioned as a motivator and a coordinator in taking its role as quality controller and system developer for academic quality assurance at each faculty and it is integrated with the entire quality assurance systems at Universitas Indonesia. In a department level, this function is implemented by Academic Quality Assurance Team.

The task of TPMA is doing academic quality assurance in every aspect related to the learning process in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Academic Quality Assurance Unit tasks:

  1. Assisting a competency-based curriculum development and prepare self-evaluation documents or accreditation forms as well as disseminating university policies for internal evaluation routine
  2. Developing Guidance Books (Guidance Books, Manuals, Forms) for the final examination for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. These Guidance Books are intended to assure the implementation of the thesis in the faculty has measurable and transparent standards for all study programs.
  3. Providing a periodic analysis of EVISEM every semester at each faculty to be then evaluated by the Dean and also assisting the faculty infilling the National Standard of Education (NSE) annually.
  4. Arranging accreditation documents/assessments in BAN-PT (higher education) of the study programs that will be accredited or re-accredited.
  5. Being an expert for opening new study programs, or for internal and external accreditation.

In carrying out their duties since 2008, UPMA membership has undergone several changes, namely:

  1. UPMA membership for the period 2018-2022
    Head                      : Dr. Denny R. Silaban, M.Kom
  2. UPMA membership for the period 2014-2018
    Head                      : Dr. Ratna Yuniati, M.Si.
  3. UPMA membership for the period 2010-2013
    Head                     : Dra. Widyawati, MSP
    Member                : Dra. Nora Hariadi, M.Si., Dr. Andi Salamah,  Dr. Herman Suryadi.
  4. UPMA membership for the period 2008-2010
    Head                   : Dra. Widyawati, MSP