The Master Program is an academic education program intended for graduates from undergraduate program or equivalent to be able to implement and develop science, technology, art, and culture through reasoning and scientific research. Regular Master Program for every subject consists of a minimum 36 (thirty six) credits. Master program is held  through the pathways of study and research which can be performed through the International Mobility program.

Study Pathway Master Program
Study Pathway Master Program is a regular Master Education program covering the structured lectures and publication of  thesis or other equivalent format as the final project which can be performed with blended or face-to-face learning for at least 12 (twelve) months.

Research Pathway Master Program
Refers to the regular Master Education program covers the specific courses and publication of thesis as the final project.

International Mobility Master Program
Refers to the Master Education program organized by Universitas Indonesia, which some credits can be claimed from students participation in exchange or visit (overseas) programs (through credit transfer and credit equalization scheme) in one or more overseas universities recognized by Universitas of Indonesia. Provisions of this program are students take a minimum of 50% of the courses from their Study Program, including the Final Project, and all examinations are held at the Universitas Indonesia.

Students of Master Program may perform their study outside Universitas Indonesia through the following university programs:

  1. Student Exchange Program
  2. Student Visiting Program
  3. International Class Program
  4. International Mobility Program
  5. Double-Degree atart Joint-Degree Program
  6. Other Program recognized by Universitas Indonesia

Master Study Program FMIPA UI (S2)

Master Program in Mathematics (S2)
Master Program in Mathematics FMIPA UI produces graduates in the field of mathematics who understand the basic mathematics theories to develop mathematics and implement the subject in their scope of work.
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Master Program in Physics (S2)
Master Program in Physics FMIPA UI produces educators and researchers graduates capable to adapt, quick learning and competent in solving the encountered issues especially by employing the applied physics or systematic method of scientific thinking to solve the related problems.
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Master Program in Materials Science (S2)
Master Program in Materials Science FMIPA UI produces graduates with expertise in the field of materials science and its application in general, as well as one of the selected specific areas of interests, namely metals/alloys, ceramics or polymers, who are able to apply the knowledge and show professionalism in their field of work for the interest and improvement of the society.
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Master Program in Chemistry (S2)
Master Program in Chemistry FMIPA UI produces chemists with specific skills complying with international demands and capable of keeping up with the development and applying chemistry science as well as establishing the centers of excellence for chemistry to actively take part in the effort to improve services to the society.
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Master Program in Biology (S2)
Master Program in Biology FMIPA UI produces resilient and international-minded researchers, educators, and practitioners capable of inventing novel breakthrough in the field of conservation biology.
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Master Program in Marine Science (S2)
Master Program in Marine Science FMIPA UI produces graduates with the capability to manage inter or multidisciplinary research as well as developing knowledge and/or technology in the fields of life and marine physical sciences based on the sustainable use of marine natural resources to produce innovative and certified inventions at the national and international levels.
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Master Program in Geography (S2)
Master Program in Geography FMIPA UI produces graduates who have the ability to analyze and synthesize phenomenon on the face of earth holistically as well as regional development based on the earth’s physical, socio-economic and cultural characteristics, using an interdisciplinary approach and geographic methods based on GIS and PJ technology.
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Master Program in Medical Physics (S2)
Master Program in Medical Physics FMIPA UI produces graduates who excel as clinical medical physicists, radiation protection experts, government officials and productive academics and researchers for the world’s medical physics advancement.
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