The channeling of students’ interest and talent in terms of self-development, academic and non-academic aptitude, namely in arts, sports as well as social and environment care are fully supported and facilitated by FMIPA UI. These diverse activities have resulted in various achievements at regional, national and international level which can enhance the Faculty and University’s accomplishment.


Achievement Report

The outstanding students may submit their accomplishments in details to the following links:

  • UI Achievement Data Collection Link:
  • FMIPA Achievement Data Collection Link:

Active participations of the FMIPA UI students are not limited on their involvement in many competitions, but also in the environmental and social care. In 2002, it was recorded 1857 personnel have participated in the environmental and social care activities.

This event covers outdoor activities participated by the FMIPA UI students, as well as activities on the community service.

Outdoor Activities Reports

Students who have participated in the environmental and social care activities may report the details through the following links:

  • UI Non-Competition Activity Data Link
  • FMIPA UI Outdoor Activity Data Link

Outdoor Activities Documentations

(Autism Care Edu-science Activity – 2021)

(Support Fund for the Food Vendors in Dallas Canteen (BEM) – 2020)

(MGV – BEM – 2020)

(Study Terrace (BEM) – 2020)

(RSUI Analysts Volunteer – 2020)

(PSAF FMIPA UI Community Service Donation Distribution – 2020)

In 2020, the FMIPA UI Student Affairs Division facilitated activities related to student entrepreneurship organized by 9 student institutions at FMIPA UI. This event shows the active role of FMIPA UI students in entrepreneurship.

(PKMM – 2020)

(Arrenga – KBMI 2021)