Universitas Indonesia is one of the first universities in Indonesia to start tracking the alumni. In 2008, UI seriously worked on ‘Tracer Study UI 2008’. Tracer Study UI 2008 had proven to be beneficial for college and the world of work.

In 2014 the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences began working on the Tracer Study consistently. This consistency is seen from some of the role of FMIPA UI alumni through consulting services, grants and funds that will be used for the development of the FMIPA UI. Not only that, ILUNI UI will regularly make bulletins of ILUNI FMIPA UI and do Tracer Study to serve FMIPA UI graduates.

ILUNI FMIPA UI regularly hold annual event called “Homecoming Day FMIPA UI” with the purpose of

  1. Uniting and strengthening kinship between fellow alumni of FMIPA UI,
  2. Being a forum that facilitates sustainable relationships between alumni, faculty, departments and the students that will be expected to devote knowledge in every aspect of social life,
  3. Digging more detailed information about the biographies of the alumni who will be a bridge between alumni and students who are looking for learning experiences in the world of higher education and as a prerequisite of performance in the workplace,
  4. Digging up more information on the transition from the world of higher education to the world of work, the relevance of education and the acquisition of competence alumni, aspects socio biography alumni, as well as photographing the relationship between the learning experience in the world of higher education and the prerequisites and performance in the workplace.

Until 2014 FMIPA UI graduates have reached ± 19,000. The alumni FMIPA UI who have managed and worked for Indonesia are spread in various areas in government institutions such as: BPPT, BAPETEN, BP Migas, BATAN, LIPI, the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, PT. Telkom. They also work in the non-governmental organizations such as WWF, CI, WALHI, NRM, the World Bank. As for private companies, they work in banking, insurance, media, mining and petroleum, agriculture, consumer goods, computers & IT, telecommunication, digital mapping, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, semiconductor industry, metal industry, education and research, survey.