Bachelor of Geophysics

Acreditation  : B
Degree : Bachelor of Science (S.Si.)
Campus  : UI Depok
Length of Study : 8 Semesters
Credit : 144
Language : Bahasa Indonesia

Become an excellent geophysics study program that is able to contribute to the development of Indonesian society and international reputation.


  • Providing access to quality education and research in the field of geophysics;
  • Organizing quality Tridharma activities in the field of geophysics and relevant to national and global challenges;
  • Produce qualified Geophysics graduates, with integrity, morality and social sensitivity and able to compete at national and global levels;
  • Organizing the management of the Geophysics S1 Study Program that is oriented to quality and accountability to support the vision of FMIPA and the vision of the University of Indonesia;
  • Building and fostering cooperation with various national and international educational, research and industry institutions in the framework of developing the geophysics field.

Produce geophysical graduates who are able to contribute to the community as researchers, educators, practitioners and business actors in the field of geophysical activities which include exploration of natural resources, energy and environmental resources and mitigation of earth disasters by applying geophysical methodology based on technological progress in accordance with professional ethics and capable competing at national and global levels.

Graduate Profile
Produce a Bachelor of Geophysics University of Indonesia that is able to analyze the problems of natural resource exploration, environment and earth disaster mitigation by applying geophysical methodology based on technological progress and according to professional ethics.

Competence of graduates
Bachelor of Geophysics from FMIPA University of Indonesia has the following competencies:

A.  Main Competencies:

  • Able to explain basic geological concepts;
  • Able to do analytical and numerical calculations;
  • Able to explain basic geophysical concepts;
  • Able to take geophysical data in the field and laboratory;
  • Able to process geophysical data;
  • Able to process geophysical data;
  • Able to integrate geophysical data with other geoscience data;
  • Able to follow the latest developments in the geophysics field and apply it;
  • Able to analyze information, data and knowledge related to geophysics by conducting supervised research;
  • Able to organize research results both orally and in writing.

B.  Supporting Competencies:

  • Able to explain the basic principles of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and statistics in solving geophysical problems;
  • Able to apply geophysical methods in solving problems of exploration of natural resources, energy resources and the environment, as well as mitigating geological disasters;
  • Able to solve the problem of exploration of natural resources, energy and environmental resources, as well as mitigation of earth disaster.

C.  Other Competencies:

  • Having integrity, being able to think critically, creatively and innovatively, and having intellectual curiosity to solve problems at the individual and group level;
  • Able to operate and utilize information and communication technology;
  • Able to identify a variety of entrepreneurial efforts characterized by innovation and independence based on ethics;
  • Able to use spoken and written language in Indonesian and English well for academic and non-academic activities;
  • Able to provide alternative solutions to problems with various problems that arise in the environment, society, nation and state.


Contact :
Department of Geoscience
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Telp. +62 21 7866731
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