Bachelor of Chemistry

Bachelor of Chemistry

Acreditation  : A
AUN-QA Assessment  : 5 (Out of 7)
Degree  : Bachelor of Science (S.Si.)
Campus : UI Depok
Length of Study : 8 Semesters
Credit : 144
Language : Bahasa Indonesia


Educational Objectives of the Bachelor of Chemistry Study Program

  • Organizing quality education and training programs and gradually occupying superior positions at national and international levels.
  • Produce graduates with competencies in the field of chemistry and applied, which are competitive at national and international levels.
  • Produce quality research in the field of chemistry and its application.


Graduate Profile

The profile of the graduates of the Chemistry Study Program at FMIPA UI produces chemistry graduates who can work in any field related to chemistry, to meet the needs of society and the market, both on a local, national and international scale.

The profile of graduates of the Chemistry Department of the Department of Chemistry FMIPA-UI includes:

  • Have an attitude of lifelong learning (longlife learning) to increase knowledge, and have scientific ethics and sensitivity / concern for the community and the environment.
  • Have the ability to communicate scientifically orally and in writing both in Indonesian and English.
  • Able to identify and solve scientific problems and have integrated, logical, critical and systematic ways of thinking.
  • Mastering the basics of chemistry and skills so that they are able to formulate problems, explain and find ways of solving in the field of chemistry.
  • Able to apply chemistry and skills in innovative, productive activities and services to the community with attitudes and behaviors that are in accordance with the common life in society.


Competence of graduates

The main competencies of graduates are divided into 3 level groups, covering basic levels and personality, scientific level, and the area of expertise.


Basic levels and personality
Graduates are expected to have scientific ethics and sensitivity / concern for society and the environment.


Scientific level
Graduates are expected to master the basic concepts and principles of chemistry and its scientific approach so as to develop methods of chemical analysis systematically and accurately to justify the structure relationships of chemical compounds with reactivity, chemical properties and physical properties, thermodynamic relationships, and molecular reaction kinetics, linking biological phenomena based on structure, function, and the concept of genetic information in biochemistry formulates the composition of an ingredient at the atomic level and the molecular construction of chemical compounds, systems and processes qualitatively and quantitatively.


The area of ​​expertise
Graduates are expected to be able to assess chemical processes / materials directed to solving chemical problems.


Contact :

Department of Chemistry
Building G, FMIPA UI, Depok 16424
Telp. +62 21 7270027, 78849005
Fax. +62 21 7863432