Bachelor of Geography

Bachelor of Geography

Acreditation : A
Degree  : Bachelor of Science (S.Si.)
Campus  : UI Depok
Length of Study  : 8 Semesters
Credit : 144
Language : Bahasa Indonesia



Bachelor of Geography Study Program Department of Geography FMIPA UI has a vision to be:

“A reliable and trusted geography education institution in producing geography scholars who are able to compete at national and global levels in applying and developing geography”.



To achieve this development direction, the Geography Bachelor Program of the Department of Geography FMIPA-UI carried out the mission to:

  • Develop and apply high quality standards in geography undergraduate education activities.
  • Develop and implement an interdisciplinary geography education curriculum that is in line with the latest developments in science and technology.
  • Integrating research activities and community service into the process of learning geography.
  • Producing quality graduates who have high integrity and intellectual abilities.



  • Producing geography scholars with reliable personality integrity and able to think logically, systematically, and consistently as the main characteristics of a scientist;
  • Producing geography scholars who master the application of a holistic-spatial approach in understanding the dynamics of nature and humans and the interaction between the two as the main characteristics of the geography approach;
  • Disseminate knowledge, application, and utilization of knowledge and skills in geography disciplines both for the development of geography science itself and for the benefit of the wider community.


Graduate Profile

The educational process at the Department of Geography, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences FMIPA UI is designed and implemented to produce graduates with the following profiles :

“Bachelor of Science who has geography expertise and skills to conduct regional studies and innovative ecological analysis based on geographic information system technology based on high competitiveness and integrity.”


Competence of graduates

As an educational institution, the implementation of the vision and mission is aimed at producing geography scholars who are able to compete in the job market.

On this basis, the Undergraduate Department of Geography Study Program FMIPA UI has the aim that every graduate who is produced has the following abilities:

  • Shows the attitude and behavior of scientists as a basis for personality.
  • Able to synthesize regions with regional approaches.
  • Able to analyze the physical process of the earth’s face space spatially and temporally.
  • Able to analyze human socio-economic and cultural processes spatially and temporally.
  • Able to carry out survey and mapping activities in various regional characteristics.
  • Able to design SIG and PJ application models for the study of the area and environment.
  • Able to apply the use of supporting knowledge for the development of scientific geography work rules.
  • Able to interact and contribute to problem solving.


Contact :

Department of Geography
Building H, FMIPA UI, Depok 16424
Telp. +62 21 78886680
Fax. +62 21 7866819