Bachelor of Physics

Acreditation : A
DegreeĀ  : Bachelor of Science (S.Si.)
Campus : UI Depok
Length of Study : 8 Semesters
Credit : 144
Language : Bahasa Indonesia

Bachelor of Physics Study Program The Department of Physics UI is the flagship institution that organizes undergraduate higher education programs in the field of physics and its applications, which are able to play a role at the global level.

Carry out educational and teaching activities to produce graduates who have expertise and skills in the field of physics and their applications, are ready to work, and are able to compete globally.

Graduate Profile
UI Physics Bachelor Study Program graduates are able to apply their expertise and skills in the field of physics and its application to meet the needs of the world of work in the field of said industry, answering professional and future challenges globally, as well as benefiting society and the environment.

Competence of graduates
UI Physics Bachelor Study Program graduates have the following competencies:
In the field of science:

  • Formulate physical problems and their solutions.
  • Implement basic concepts of physics in solving problems of science and technology.
  • Communicate the results of scientific work.
  • Applying the concepts of one of the fields of physics or applied physics Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics; Compressive Substance Physics; Material Physics; Geophysical Exploration; Physics System and Instrumentation; Medical Physics and Biophysics

In order to welcome the future:

  • Building insight into the latest developments in science and technology related to physics.
  • Anticipating future work.
  • As a member of the community that is beneficial to the environment:
  • Applying physics to social life.
  • Responsible for society and the environment.

In answering professional challenges:

  • Take part in the set activities, organizations, physics communities.
  • Having an entrepreneurial spirit characterized by innovation and independence based on ethics.

In meeting the needs of the workforce:

  • Applying science and technology in providing added value to a product, both services and goods.
  • Have a personality that supports social interaction, performance, and career prospects.
  • Have basic managerial skills for work effectiveness and efficiency.

Qualification of Student Candidates
IPA or high school graduates who pass the selection admission as well as meet the selection requirements through the SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and other achievement paths that are accommodated by the UI, such as science olympiad champions.

Contact :
Department of Physics
Building F, FMIPA UI, Depok 16424
+62 21 7863439
+62 21 7863439