Bachelor of Statistics

Degree : Bachelor of Statistics (S.Stats.)
Campus : UI Depok
Length of Study  : 8 Semesters
Credit  : 144
Language : Bahasa Indonesia

Become strong institution at the national level and recognized internationally, in the field of education and statistical research and applied, and produces graduates who are competent in mastering science, competent in the field of work, and have good managerial skills.


  • Educating students to be graduates who are able to follow and adapt to their statistical and applied development, and science and technology.
  • Support and develop statistical and applied research activities in all fields.
  • Providing information, training, services and consulting in the field of statistics and its applications that can help the community in solving problems related to statistics and their application.

Qualification of Student Candidates
IPA or high school graduates who pass the selection admission as well as meet the selection requirements through the SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and other achievement paths that are accommodated by the UI, such as science olympiad champions.

Curriculum Structure
The curriculum of the S1 Statistics Study Program in the Mathematics Department of the UI Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is structured in such a way as in line with the Vision, Mission, Objectives of the Study Program, Level 6 IQF, the development of science and technology, market needs and the formation of intellectual maturity of students.

Academic degree
Students who successfully complete the bachelor program of Actuarial Science Study Program are entitled to obtain a Bachelor of Actuarial Science (S. Stats.).

In order to provide quality education services, the Actuarial Science Study Program Mathematics Department FMIPA UI collaborates with PAI (Indonesian Actuary Association), READI (Risk Management, Economic Sustainability, and Actuarial Science Development in Indonesia) and Prudential Indonesia.

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