Bachelor Program


  • Produce competent graduates in mathematics
  • Conduct researches able to develop mathematics, science and technology

Graduates Profile

Based on its competence, the bachelor of the Department of Mathematics UI can be described as graduates who are able to use mathematical concepts to provide appropriate solutions corresponding to scientific principles and ethics.

Graduates Competence

The Bachelors of the Department of Mathematics have several competencies that can meet the needs of stakeholder. Stakeholder requirements consist of requirements sciences and the needs of professionals, society, future generations and workforce.

General Competencies

  1. Having the ability to follow the development of mathematics
  2. Having the ability to design, analyze and solve problems of mathematics and its applications
  3. Having the basic skills to develop themselves according to the needs of workforce
  4. Having the ability to follow the development of science and technology
  5. Having competitiveness in the world of work

Special competencies

  1. Able to explain the basic theory of mathematics
  2. Able to apply the basic concepts of algorithms and programming
  3. Able to explain the basic concepts of statistics
  4. Able to analyze real-world problems and model it into a mathematical form
  5. Able to complete the mathematical model and analyze the results obtained
  6. Being sensitive to environmental issues, community and nation
  7. Having integrity and being able to appreciate others
  8. Able to operate and utilize information to support mathematics
  9. Able to identify the mathematical theory on the development of science and technology
  10. Being able to use oral and written language in Indonesian and English well
  11. Being creative and innovative as well as having the intellectual curiosity to solve the problems at the level of both individual and group