Center of Biology Strategies (CBS)

Center of Biology Strategies (CBS) UI was recently re-designated as one of the research centers at the Universitas Indonesia, through a Decree by the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, March 17, 2010 (Np. 108 / H2. F3 / HKP 01.03 / 2010).

In a very young age, a number of research, training and education activities have been carried out by CBS-UI, namely

Training and Education

  • In collaboration with City University of New York, CBS UI hosted Fulbright Scholar, Ms. Susan Tsang (March – September 2013) where she was invited to give lectures and train students in the use of R statistics.
  • Collaborating with the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Gardens (XTBG), awarding a travel grant award to Mr. Wahyu Nirwanto “International Training Program on Biodiversity and Sustainable Development for Developing Countries” (XTBG, September 9-23, 2012).

The Internship Program that has been carried out includes:

  • Wahyu Nirwanto (training in China).
  • Eka Hesdianti, a study table on biodiversity mainstreaming (1May -1 August 2013).
  • Giri, a study table on biodiversity mainstreaming (1 Aug -1 Nov2013).
  • Shehezerade, Ardiantiono, Topic in Forestry when conservation meets technology (on the line from January to April, of course the field of July 2014, for one month).

Seminar and workshop activities include:

  • Nomura Hisakodari Kyushu University (natural resource accounting, 29 Nov 2012)
  • Rhett Harrisondari XTBG (“Consequences of hunting for tropical rainforests”, 21 December 2012)
  • Susan Tsang from CUNY (twice in 2012)
  • Kosuke Mizuno, Kyoto University (Community-based Forest Reconstruction by Conservation and Rehabilitation of Peatlands with Introduction to Community Forests in Riau, Indonesia)

Presentation activities and writing in journals include:

  • Indrawan, M., Yabe M., Nomura H., Kitajima K. & Harrison K. 2014. Deconstruction of satoyama, socio-ecological landscape. Ecological Engineering 64: 77 – 84
  • Indrawan, M, Lowe, C, Sundjaya, Hutabarat, C., Black Co-management and the creation of national parks in Indonesia: positive   lessons learned from the Togean Islands National Park. Journal for Environmental Protection and Management.
  • Indrawan, M.Participatory governance of land and water resources: the Japan satoyama. ‘Engage! Public Intellectuals Transforming Society’ – Proceedings of the 11th Regional Workshop of Asian Public Intellectual.   Ateneo University and The Nippon Foundation. Tagaytay, 24 – 28 Nov. 2012.
  • Indrawan M., Wahid N, Argeloo M, Mile-Doucet S, Tasirin J, Koh LP, Summers M, MacGowan PJK. 2012. All conservation politics is local: the case with Macrocephalon maleo of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Biodiversity and Conservation 21: 3745 – 3744
  • Indrawan, M. Perspective and outlook for biodiversity research training and conservation in Indonesia. Mini – Pragma Workshop (U. Indonesia, Depok, 15 May 2013)
  • Nirwanto, W.“International Training program on Biodiversity and its Sustainable Development for Developing Countries” (XTBG, 9 – 23 Sept. 2012)
  • Kegiatan networking telah dilakukan yakni pada tanggal 18-20 November melakukan Workshop penelitian keanekaragaman hayati di Asia Tenggara, undangan dari XTBG – Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Indrawan dari CBS dan dari Fakultas Ilmu Komputer, dengan fokus pada bioinformatika, Prof Heru Suhartanto)

Publishing Plan for Books in the Form of:

  • Agus Prijono (Indonesia): wildlife illustrations
  • Andrew Gosler (University of Oxford, Mansfield College): editorial contribution, and possible text on ethno-ornithology
  • Bas van Balen (Utrecht University): text contribution, including review of the taxonomy of endemic species
  • Pramana Yuda (Universitas Gadjah Mada): phylogenetic of the munias
  • Mary Lecroy (American Museum for Natural History): data and expertise of Indonesian endemic birds as harnessed through AMNH
  • Mochamad Indrawan: project management
  • Richard Noske (Charles Darwin University): text contribution, including Timor birds
  • Pamela Rasmussen (Michigan State University): analysis of vocalizations
  • Soekarja Somadikarta (Universitas Indonesia): main text
  • Town Peterson (Kansas University): veryattractive maps for range distribution
  • David Wells (editor of ‘Systematic Notes on Asian Birds’ published by British Ornithologists’ Club): editorial contribution.