Center of Excellence Biologi Resources-Genome Study (CoE IBR-GS)

The Center of Excellence Biology Resources-Genome Study (CoE IBR-GS) was founded in 2008. The founders of this center are staff from the Department of Biology and the Department of Mathematics, FMIPA UI. The person in charge of this center in the period 2008-2013 was Ariyanti Oetari, Ph.D. (Chair), Wellyzar Sjamsuridzal, Ph.D., and Gatot Fatwanto Hertono, Ph.D, and in the 2013-2018 period were replaced by Wellyzar Sjamsuridzal, Ph.D. (Chair), Ariyanti Oetari, Ph.D., and Drs. Iman Santoso, M.Phil. Since December 20, 2011, the IBR-GS CoE occupied the Pertamina Science and Multidisciplinary Laboratory Building, FMIPA UI Campus, Depok.

The activity of this Center is to isolate and identify microorganisms from various natural environments, and study their applications for feed, biocontrol, bioremediation, biosensors, etc. Besides continuing to improve and expand the collection, also developed a new methodology for isolation, identification and preservation of microorganisms as native biological resources of Indonesia. The Study Center also organizes training programs on biodiversity conservation, namely molecular identification and microorganism preservation, phylogenetic analysis, chemotaxonomic analysis, proteomic analysis using MALDI-TOF Biotyper, seminars, workshops on community services, and consultation on how to build a culture collection.

The IBR GS CoE Study Center has received 30 research grants from national donors (Integrated Leading Research, Higher Education Competitive Grants, National Higher Education Strategic Grants, Universitas Indonesia Superior Research Grants) and international donor agencies (ITSF Toray Foundation, Nagao Environmental Foundation, Japan, and Italian Twas). S2 research has helped in taxonomic studies of yeast from local honey bees, yeast from native Indonesian plants. While the S-3 study includes the study of yeast from local honey bees for the production of pollen substitutes, yeast from native Indonesian plants, local antagonistic yeast for biological control, taxonomic studies of cyanobacteria and bacteria from the environment.

The Center has several laboratories and supporting rooms, for example the Bioprospecting Laboratory, Culture Collection Laboratory, Molecular Biology Laboratory, Analysis Laboratory, Preparation Room, Research Staff, Student Room Postgraduate and Meeting Rooms.