Doctoral Programs of Materials Science

  • Accreditation : B
  • Degree : Doctor
  • Location : Depok/Salemba Campus
  • Length of Study : 6 Semesters¬† (50 Credits)
  • Language : Bahasa Indonesia

The students are provided to choose one of the four specializations: Metal & Alloy, Polymer &  Composite, Ceramics, and Electronic & Magnetic Materials. The graduates are expected to have competence in conducting research in related field by using general physics concept and finding new material. The graduates students are able to formulate answers to problems in the field of science and technology of materials with interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach. They are also able to devise a research programme complies with the scientific ethic, dissemination research results in national and international materials community, an to creating a new science and technology in the field of materials science that will benefit mankind.


The graduates of this program have a wide range career opportunity in material field in academic, research institutions or industries, as scientists, or lecturer in universities.