Master Program of Materials Science

  • Accreditation : B
  • Degree : Magister Sains (Master of Science)
  • Location : Depok/Salemba Campus
  • Length of Study : 4 Semesters¬† (40 Credits)
  • Language : Bahasa Indonesia

This program also provides students with knowledge of science and materials engineering wich focused on metal, ceramic, composite, polymer, electronic and also magnetic materials. The graduates students can analyze the progress of science and technology of materials, to analyze specific problems in materials science through research activities independently and/or in groups by scientific ethics, capable of communication and dissemination. The results of community research in materials science, can apply the research results in the form of prototypes that are beneficial to the public and materials science, and to apply the concept of entrepreneurship in solving the problems of business management fields of the material.

Our program has four concentrations: Polymer & Composite, Metal & Alloy, Ceramic & Glass, and Electronic & Magnetic Materials.


This master program graduates pursue higher careers or specialized field in education and academic research, laboratories, manufacturing companies, transportation companies, heavy machinery or construction industries.