Research and Community Service

The Division of Research and Community Service (DRPM) FMIPA UI, in general, has two main tasks, namely the management of research activities and community service activities.


Making the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UI as the Faculty of Excellence that can Play a Global Level.


Carry out tri dharma activities to produce graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UI as future leaders who are professional, intelligent, moral, have social sensitivity, and excel in competing globally;
Develop an academic atmosphere and research culture for scientific progress to produce innovations and solutions that benefit society and support national development and resilience;
Contribute and active role in the development of science at the global level.

The direction of UI research activities globally has been stated in the UI Research Master Plan (RIP) document in 2012 with 10 leading types of research that are pillars of research activities at UI, namely :

  1. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  2. Poverty Countermeasures of Children, Family, and Community
  3. Genome
  4. Governance, Democracy, and Public Policy
  5. Energy
  6. Restoring the Earth’s Natural Support System
  7. Nanotechnology and advanced technology
  8. Culture
  9. The indigenous studies
  10. Urban Planning and Transportation

FMIPA as the Development center of Basic Sciences and its applications covering the fields of mathematics, physics, Chemistry, Biology, and geography has a tremendous potential contribution to the excellent research activities UI. Therefore, DRPM FMIPA has an important role in improving scientific activities both in the field of research and public service activities in the effort to realize the UI as a research university and FMIPA UI as faculty of Excellence Science.

These are some strategies for the quality enhancement of research at FMIPA UI:

  1. Potential mapping and research roadmap of FMIPA UI refer to Nanotechnology, Genome Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Policy Studies, and Indigenous Studies.
  2. Increase the research outputs that will be published in both national and international journals.
  3. Produce innovative works that can be one of the academic-revenues to improve the welfare and extra funds for the faculty.
  4. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
  5. Build research efficiency through the resource sharing concept of all facilities and infrastructure researches.
  6. Make a peer group of the FMIPA UI Professors and increase the number of professors.
  7. Getting a travel grant for the dissemination of research outputs.

To implement the strategic objectives in terms of developing research in the FMIPA environment, the Research and Community Engagement Manager of FMIPA has been given the direction of assignment in the Decree of the Dean of FMIPA UI Number 32 / H2.F3.D / HKP.02.04 / 2014 as follows :

The Research and Community Service Manager is responsible to the Dean under the coordination of the Vice Dean for Education, Research, and Student Affairs who carries out activities to plan, organize, coordinate and evaluate research and community service and administrative aspects in research services and community service.

Manager of Research and Community Service Role, namely :

  • Manage research administration by lecturers in the faculty environment, as well as coordinate and monitor the management of research centers and lecturers in the faculty environment;
  • Manage the administration of community engagement by lecturers in the faculty, as well as coordinate and monitor the management of the venture centers and teachers in the faculty environment;
  • Compile and formulate a policy plan in the field of research and community service to be proposed to the Dean;
  • Coordinate activities with the Heads of Departments / Heads of Study Programs and other relevant work units in terms of research collaboration, research coordination and evaluation, HAKI services, Research Publications, and Community Service;
  • Facilitating the improvement of research quality;
  • Plan and coordinate and facilitate the Formation of Centers, at the Faculty level, and plan their development strategies;
  • Plan activities that can stimulate the interest of academicians to conduct research;
  • Periodically carrying out data updating activities of research, publications, and community service activities;
  • Monitor and facilitate the publication of books and scientific journals within the Faculty;
  • Plan and formulate Faculty support policies for activities to improve the quality of research proposals, research, and publications;
  • Pioneering and formulating cooperation with various parties in the framework of developing education, research and community service;
  • Prepare reports of activities both monthly, semiannual, and yearly to be presented as accountability to the Dean.