Research Center for Applied Geography

In accordance with the vision, mission of the Department. UI Geography and the history of the establishment of Research Center for Applied Geography; become open source for cooperation opportunities; benefit the development of staff / assistant competencies; and support the improvement of the welfare of all staff of the Department of Geography UI. For FMIPA and UI, Research Center For Applied Geography is part of the Research University program. As for the Geography UI community, Research Center For Applied Geography is a reference for the development of research, training and geographic services for the community (geographic educational institutions, government, national / international private and international institutions). For the general public, Research Center For Applied Geography provides cutting-edge geographic information and knowledge, and provides services the public is related to real geographical problems

Regarding the external conditions of UI Research Center For Applied Geography gives (i) public services / Government according to Presidential Decree 80/2003 (to be revised), Perpres No. 54 of 2010. The need for geographic services tends to grow in every department so that it requires creative breakthroughs to develop national and regional development policies (decentralization), but not many parties know about geographic capabilities (as science and experts), (ii) commercial services namely the fields that develop and grow and are related to geography such as the appropriateness of allocation, distribution, regional potential, location / regional competitiveness, spatial intelligence. The quality of services needed must meet the appropriate criteria (product / service, time and competitive prices, lasting). Types of services needed: syndicated products (serial publications, eg spatial potential index for regional competition, spatial index for disaster risk, spatial index for natural resource scarcity, spatial index for regional conflict potential, etc.) and customized products (consultancy and training)