Research Center of Geoscience

The cooperation network of the Research Center for Geosciences has been initiated through the experience of research and service activities that have been carried out at the Reservoir Geophysics Laboratory for oil and gas exploration with the specificities of the fields of Geophysics, Geology and Oil and Gas Reservoir Simulation. The cooperative relationships that have been established include PT. Pertamina EP, Pertamina EPTC, Pertamina EP Sumbagsel, Pertamina UBEB Sangasanga, PT. Ridlatama Oil and Gas Energy, PT Serelaya, PT. Tiara Bumi. In addition, close relations with the research institutions that have been established are with LEMIGAS and the Geological Agency.

The Research Center for Geoscience has a clear vision and mission as a foundation in carrying out its activities.


Become a Research Center that excels in the field of knowledge, research and development in the field of international level Geoscience (World Class).


  • Conduct and develop research in the field of Geoscience in an integrated manner by conducting education, research and community service activities.
  • Improve the quality of research and productivity of publications in the field of Geoscience by expanding collaboration with domestic and foreign institutions / institutions.
  • Implementing research results in the field of geosciences in the community in the framework of community service to help solve problems related to the field of Geoscience.