FMIPA as an institution in the field of mathematics and sciences, conducts many research activities in the laboratory. Therefore, beside the basic laboratory, FMIPA also owns research laboratory as follows:

The Department of Mathematics FMIPA UI owns 5 computing laboratories with 90 PCs & workstations. All laboratories are connected to LAN & WAN facilities for internet access. Each PC & workstation is equipped with supporting software such as: Matlab, maple, Lingo, Visual Basic, Visual/Borland C++, Delphi, Oracle, Java, SAS, SPSS, Splus, etc.

Department of Physics FMIPA UI owns several laboratories to support the learning and research activities.

NoLaboratory NamePerson ResponsibleResponsible Profile
1Lab. Bio Imaging TechnologyDr. Adhi Harmoko SaputroProfil Scholar
2Optical Characterization Laboratory
Corrosion Laboratory
Dr. AnawatiProfil Scholar
3Materials Preparation and Analysis
Thermal Preparation Laboratory
Magnetic Characterization Laboratory
Dr. Azwar ManafProfil Scholar
4Multiferroic LaboratoryDr. Bambang SoegijonoProfil Scholar
5Magnetic Materials LaboratoryDr. Budhy KurniawanProfil Scholar
6BNT Micromagnetic LaboratoryDr. Dede DjuhanaProfil Scholar
7Medical Physics LaboratoryDr. Dwi Seno K. SihonoProfil Scholar
8Theoretical Physics LaboratoryDr. Handhika S RamadhanProfil Scholar
9Few-Body Nuclear Physics Computing LaboratoryDr. Imam FachruddinProfil Scholar
10Functional Materials LaboratoryDr. -Ing Cuk ImawanProfil Scholar
11Theoretical/Computational Condensed-Matter Physics LabDr. Muhammad Aziz MajidiProfil Scholar
12Biophysics LaboratoryDr. NurlelyProfil Scholar
13Geophysics LaboratoryDr. M. Syamsu RosidProfil Scholar
14Advance Spectroscopy LaboratoryDr. techn. Djoko TriyonoProfil Scholar
15Nano-Optics LaboratoryDr. Vivi FauziaProfil Scholar
16Geothermal LaboratoryDr. Yunus DaudProfil Scholar
17Chemical Physics Laboratory
Composite Laboratory
Dra. Ariadne L. JuwonoProfil Scholar
18Nuclear Physics and Particle Theoretical LaboratoryProf. Dr. Terry MartProfil Scholar

Department of Chemistry owns 5 basic and service laboratories, namely:

  1. Instrumen dan Layanan (UI-Chem)
  2. Kimia Komputasi
  3. Kimia Dasar dan Anorganik
  4. Kimia Fisik dan Analisa
  5. Kimia Organik dan Biokimia

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In addition to the above laboratories, the following research laboratories are also available:

NoLaboratory NamePerson responsibleWebsiteResponsible Profile Link
1Nano Interfacial Chemistry (NIC) Research Lab.Prof. Dr. Yoki YulizarProfil Scholar
2Bio-Electrochemistry Research (BEC) Lab.Prof. Dr. Ivandini Tribidasari AnggraningrumLink WebsiteProfil Scholar
3Solid Inorganic Framework (SIF) Research Lab.Dr. Yuni KrisyuningsihProfil Scholar
4Environmental Research/Anor. Lab.Prof. Dr. Ridla BakriProfil Scholar
5BioInformatics Lab.Prof. Dr. Usman Sumo FProfil Scholar
6Titania Photoelectrocatalyst (TiPeC) Lab.Dr. Jarnuzi GunlazuardiProfil Scholar
7Non-Biological Chemistry Research Laboratory
Biological Chemistry Research Laboratory
Dr. M. Ridwan

Department of Biology owns numbers of laboratories to support the learning and research activities, namely:
1. Microbiology Laboratory

Department of Geography owns several laboratories to be used jointly as research laboratories.

NoLaboratory NamePerson responsibleResponsible Profile Link
1Physical GeographyDr.Drs.Eko Kusratmoko, M.S.Profil Scholar
2Regional DevelopmentDr. Hayuningtyas Anggrahita, S.Si., M.E.Profil Scholar
3Geographic Information System and Remote SensingAdi Wibowo, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D.Profil Scholar
4Disaster Research (Geophysics) Lab.Dr. Eng. Supriyanto, M.ScProfil Scholar

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