Strategic Plan

  • Setting directions and strategy planning towards superior science faculty
  • Encourage and develop academic and cultural research atmosphere to produce innovations and solutions that benefit society through researches
  • Improve governance, integrity and strong teamwork with high-quality human resources;
  • Improve the role of FMIPA UI in the development of science with other science faculties nationwide, government and society in solving the problems faced in the country
  • Improve the independence and financial resilience to expand partnerships and empower the role of alumni

These five basic strategies are the conceptual framework for achieving the vision “as the faculty of Superior science capable of acting at the Global level”. To achieve such vision and mission FMIPA UI need:

  1. Conducting various breakthroughs and research so that FMIPA UI is at the forefront, education excellence, as well as scientific / expertise groups and research centers are worth stacking FMIPA UI as a world-class faculty;
  2. Building values ​​of excellence so that FMIPA UI becomes an excellent faculty of research and development;
  3. Developing the character of FMIPA UI actors who have FMIPA UI core values ​​as a central issue;
  4. Establish a strong network of national and international research and education cooperation;
  5. Build the future campus of FMIPA UI to be inspiring in building every critical asset in it;
  6. Building an effective, efficient, accountable and healthy FMIPA UI potential management to support the realization of “UI World Class University

The FMIPA UI development plan for the next 25 years is outlined in the following strategic objectives:

  1. The realization of FMIPA UI as an important vertex of cooperation nationally and internationally;
  2. The realization of FMIPA UI as a university with research and development as self-identity;
  3. The realization of FMIPA UI as the flagship center and reference for the development of Science for the Indonesian nation;
  4. The realization of international research cooperation, involving industry and national research institutes;
  5. Obtaining research and development funds from foreign funds sources (not loans);
  6. The realization of a healthy academic atmosphere for education and research;
  7. The realization of a fair reward and punishment system;
  8. The realization of a climate of competition and collaboration that upholds scientific truth;
  9. The realization of superior and nationally recognized centers including the Research and Development Center for Science and Technology;
  10. The realization of a network of education and research programs that are superior and nationally recognized;
  11. The realization of international collaboration in postgraduate programs;
  12. The realization of FMIPA UI as a national reference based on the excellence of research results of FMIPA UI;
  13. The realization of collaboration is nationally and recognized as a reference because of its excellence in the field of education and research;
  14. The realization of international collaboration for the exchange of lecturers, researchers, and students.