The Center for Marine Studies

The Center for Marine Studies has always been active in marine and fisheries research activities with the following activities:

Sinar Poseidon Gupita

FMIPA UI’s Center for Marine Studies in collaboration with Sinar Poseidon Gupita-Training Center provides marine education and training based on: MoU between the Universitas Indonesia and Sinar Poseidon Gupita and the implementation of cooperation programs for the Maritime Program and Other Activities (2006). Sinar Poseidon Gupita – Training Center (SPG-TC) is an education under the Poseidon Gupita Marine Foundation which serves to increase the capacity and performance of experts in the maritime field. Special training for ship crews, marines and the general public who want to be children (sailors). The training provided included the Survival and Craft Rescue Training (SCRB) and the Advanced Fire Fighting Training (AFF), which consisted of basic level (theoretical) training and Basic Safety Training (BST).

Maritime Partners Program (Marine Grant Program)

The Sea Partners Program (Sea Grant Program) is a program adapted from the Sea Grant Program in the US since 1960. The program was developed by the Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs in 2002, with 33 Regional Centers in various provinces and developed by renowned universities in each region.

UI’s Center for Marine Studies as the Jakarta Regional Center’s Maritime Partners managed to become the top 3 nominees in the Indonesian Mitra Bahari Awards Program in 2013.

International Ocean Institute Indonesia

The International Ocean Institute (IOI) is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit international organization headquartered (Headquarters; IOI-HQ) in Malta. IOI is unique in its program, including focusing on global meetings that discuss the results of research in the fields of exploration and its users from various fields of science such as economics, social and politics. The International Ocean Institute-Indonesia as the Operational Center, is from the International Ocean Institute Center in Malta, officially established in Depok after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between IOI-HQ and the Center for Marine Studies, FMIPA UI on July 9, 2001.