Ventura, Partnerships and Alumni Relations

Ventura, Partnerships and Alumni Relations have the following main tasks, that are:

  1. Organizing both academic and non-academic partnerships
  2. Regulating the movement of all faculty business unit that can increase the incomes
  3. Harmonizing and unifying research centers
  4. Organizing the role of alumni with various businesses in the form of agencies/institution partnerships and financial contribution

Ventura Partnerships:

  1. Undertaken by faculty and departments in the development of science locally and globally
  2. Can be of consultancy services, trainings, and others that can increase incomes to the faculty for future development
  3. The next partnership that will take place is the Geospatial Information Agency in the form of trainings and consulting services partnerships
  4. Next partnership is a partnership in creating Mathematics and Science Olympiad training team
  5. The last partnership that will be conducted soon is the partnership with Lemtek UI regarding job activities