Magister Fisika Medis

To be a center of excellence in research, education, and training in medical physics in the national and international level

To develop the highest quality programs of teaching and research and to produce medical physics graduates to fulfill national and international demand

Alumnae of our program primarily excel in their career as clinical medical physicists, radiation protection experts, state regulators, national bureaucrats, as well as academics and researchers dealing with the advancing world of medical physics. Career as product experts at medical devices companies are promising as well.

Students are entitled to all the facility of the Department. Faculty, and University. Access to library and online literatures (academic journals) are provided.The laboratories provides access for students to devices and tools for research. The equipment and practical are  managed in 5 laboratories :

  • Radiation Physics Laboratory
  • Medical Physics Laboratory
  • Treatment Planning Laboratory
  • Computational Medical Physics Laboratory
  • Biophysics Laboratory

Sharing Facilities
For clinical attachment and practical session, we collaborated with several hospitals through Memorandum of Understanding i.e. Cipto Magnunkusumo hospital, Dharmais Cancer Center, Siloam Hospital Semanggi, and Pasar Minggu hospital.

Faculty Members UI
Prof. Dr. Djarwani S. Soejoko | Medical physics and Biomedical Material
Prof.Dr. Neng Tine Kartinah | Pato-Anatomy and Physiology
Supriyanto A. Pawiro, Ph.D. |  Radiotherapy  Physics Dwi Seno K. Sihono | Radiotherapy Physics Deni Hardiansyah | Nuclear Medicine Physics
Nurlely, Ph.D.  | Biophysics, Biomedical Material, Biosensor
Prawito Prajitno, Ph.D.  |Computational and Image Processing
Sastra Kusuma Wijaya, Ph.D. | Biomedical Instrumentation
Kristina Tri Wigati, MSc | Diagnostic Radiology Physics
Lukmanda Evan Lubis, MSc, F.Med | Diagnostic Radiology Physics
Akbar Azzi, MSc, F.Med | Radiotherapy  Physics

Visiting Profesor
Prof. Dr. Dietmar Georg | Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Prof.Dr. Wolfgang Birkfellner | Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Prof. Dr. Hilde Bosmans | Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Glatting | Ulm University, Germany
Markus Stock, Ph.D.  | Particle Therapy Center, MedAustron, Austria
Hafiz Zin, Ph.D. | USM / AMDI
Rafidah Zainon, Ph.D. | USM / AMDI


For detailed information regarding admission procedure:
Universitas Indonesia Central Admission Office
Gedung PMB UI (ex.BNI)
Kampus UI Depok, 16424
Tel: (+6221) 78849129, 7864126, 78849104

For information on Medical Physics :
Master of Medical Physics Study Program
Department of Physics, FMIPA UI
Kampus UI Depok, 16424