Anto Sulaksono, Dr.

Anto Sulaksono, Dr.

Dr. Anto Sulaksono is a lecturer and researcher at Department of Physics, FMIPA University of Indonesia since 1995. He was born in Jakarta on April 21, 1969. He graduated in 1992 from Department of Physics, University of Indonesia and earned his master degree also from the same Department in 1996. He received his doctor degree in Theoretical Nuclear Physics from Frankfurt University in 2002 under supervision of  Prof. Dr. J. A. Maruhn and Prof. Dr.h.c.mult W. Greiner. The title of his dissertation is "Ein Relativistisches Punktkopplungs Model: Formale Unterschungen und Anwendung Auf Uberschwere Kerne."

His current research interests are quantum many body theories and their applications for finite nuclei and nuclear matter.


  1. Classical Field Theory
  2. Electromagnetic Field
  3. Nuclear Physics

Selected Publications:

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