Bachelor of Biology

Bachelor of Biology

Acreditation : A
Degree : Bachelor of Science (S.Si.)
Campus : UI Depok
Length of Study : 8 Semesters
Credit : 144
Language : Bahasa Indonesia

Become a center of excellence in education and biodiversity conservation research that supports the improvement of human resources, that are able to play a role and compete at national and international levels.

Able to play an active role in developing Biology, especially in the scope of biodiversity conservation through the implementation of sustainable development of education, research and community service in accordance with the advancement of science and technology.

Educational goals
Produce graduates who:

  • Have a commendable professional ethic.
  • Having a thorough understanding of biodiversity conservation and being able to apply it effectively (effectively) in the community.
  • Having competitive strength in national and international job markets.
  • Having independence in developing and creating new jobs for themselves and others based on biological science.

The objectives of the Biology Study Program include:

  • Quality of education / teaching processes with international standards.
  • Increasing the quality of graduates both academically and integrity, so that they can compete in the job market.
  • Become a leading research center in the field of conservation and biodiversity.
  • Become a center for the development of Biological education within the scope of conservation and biodiversity.
  • Able to implement conservation and biodiversity concepts in the framework of community service.
  • Optimal partnership with various parties.

Graduate Profile
Biology Bachelor Study Program graduates are prepared to become science graduates who are able to conduct research, produce information products and thoughts in the field of biology that benefit the community.

Contact :
Department of Chemistry
Building E, FMIPA UI, Depok 16424
Telp. +62 21 7270163, 78849009
Fax. +62 21 78849010