Research Publication

Research Results Publication as Scientific Articles in Journals and Proceedings


To date, FMIPA UI has issued more than 5000 scientific articles from the research results, with 1144 scientific publications in 2020. FMIPA is the third largest contributors for publication in UI in the last few years. Below graph shows number of FMIPA UI publications for the year 2020 compared to other faculties.

In the recent years, FMIPA UI publication constantly increases as the funding received rises. The following graph reveals number of FMIPA UI publications in the period of 2017 – 2021 and its distribution in the Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 quality journals. Even though number of conference proceedings exceeds the number of articles published in the scientific journals, the trend of number of articles is increasing. Hopefully, funding policies issued by UI and FMIPA will promote the article publication in the scientific journals in the future.

Whereas, the distribution of FMIPA journal articles in 2020 Department-wise, shows that Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology contributes equal numbers of article as shown in the following graph.

Details of scientific publications in journals and conference proceedings are available in the following link: