Departemen Matematika


  • Accreditation : A
  • Degree : Sarjana Sains (Bachelor of Science)
  • Location : Depok Campus
  • Length of Study : 8 Semesters
  • Language : Bahasa Indonesia

Mathematics is one of the most essential and long lasting fields of study which has continuously provided knowledge and tools in expanding number of disciplines and professions. The scope of mathematics applications has consistently evolved and increased beyond their traditional areas in physical sciences and engineering.

Modern and advances in computational and scientific technology which create a massive production of data has expanded the need of mathematics, statistics, modelling and computational skills to analyze and solve problems in wide areas of modern science and technology such as information technology, weather forecasting, finance, economics, data science, actuarial science as well as molecular biology and medicine.

Department of Mathematics aims to be leading institution to provide the graduates with its competences to contribute in development and applying mathematical knowledge, applications and tools in order to solve problems in advancing science and technology, and quality of human life.

There are some major skills which allow our graduate to support their future career such as logic analysis skills, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning, mathematical model development, critical thinking and problem solving, computational skills, data analysis and interpretation, statistical analysis, multidisciplinary research skills.

In Bachelor Program, students require a minimum 144 credits, divided into core and elective courses to fulfill their bachelor degree. The Bachelor Program consists of three Study Programs including:

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

This program has three concentration including Pure Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Operation Research. In Computational Mathematics we have special interest research groups such as Bioinformatics and Advanced Computing, Data Science, Data Security, Biomathematics, and Scientific Computing.

Bachelor of Science in Statistics

This program has three concentrations including Pure Statistics, Applied Statistics, and Actuarial Statistics.

Bachelor of Science in Actuary

This program has three concentrations including Life Insurance, General Insurance, and Risk Management.


The bachelor program graduates pursue careers in related works in private and public sectors including IT and communication, manufacturing industries, insurance, finance and banking, business and management, consulting firm, energy, transportation, data science, health & medicine, educations, and research institutions.


Department of Mathematics was established in 1961 together with the Department of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In the early years of its establishment, the Department of Mathematics was located in Salemba, Jakarta.

During 1961 to 1965, Department of Mathematics had only one permanent teaching staff. Lectures were organized with the help of some honorary teaching staff from IBM, BATAN, and some private companies. The first batch of Department of Mathematics graduated in 1969. In 1967, the number of permanent teaching staff of Department of Mathematics increased. Until 2011, the Department of Mathematics has had 36 permanent teaching staff and 2 honorary teaching staff. Qualifications of teaching staff varied from undergraduate to postgraduate.

1987 is the year of the Department of Mathematics to move to a new location, Depok. Currently the Department of Mathematics has a four-level building at FMIPA UI.

Since 2008, the Department of Mathematics has had two programs, undergraduate programs and postgraduate programs.

Departemen Matematika (Gedung D)
FMIPA UI, Depok 16424 – Indonesia
021 – 7863439